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Amazing Base loose mineral powder


SKU: 72f1263fb8ce Categories: , Brand: Amazing Base loose mineral powder


Light shiny loose powder foundation for normal, dry, dehydrated and dull skin. This base has SPF 20 and is water-resistant.
Apply this foundation with the Chisel Powder brush and finish with a Hydrating Spray of your choice. It is also extremely suitable for people with sensitive and/or reactive skin.
TIP: Build up the product in several layers to obtain a flawless coverage, and always finish your make-up with a Hydrating Spray: this fixes your make-up and forms the colour.

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Amber, Bisque, Golden Glow, Honey Bronze, Ivory, Latte, Light Beige, Maple, Mink, Natural, Radiant, Satin, Suntan, Warm Sienna, Warm Silk



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