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Purepressed Base mineral foundation refill


SKU: 783be6be30ac Categories: , Tags: , Purepressed Base mineral foundation refill


Note: this is a refill. Do you want to order this in combination with the corresponding Refillable Compact holder?Semi-matte, compact powder foundation for normal, combination or oily skin. You can apply this successful product quickly and easily; your complexion is even, and your skin is protected with SPF 20.
This product is a refill, and you use it together with the Refillable Compact.
Use this water-resistant foundation with the Handi Brush and finish with a Hydrating Spray of your choice. It is also ideal if you suffer from a lot of pimples.
TIP: The multifunctional PurePressed Base foundation also serves as a concealer. Use a smaller brush – the Sculpting Brush is ideal – to target blemishes or pimples.

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Amber, Autumn, Bisque, Bittersweet, Caramel, Cocoa, Cognac, Fawn, Golden Glow, Golden Tan, Honey Bronze, Ivory, Latte, Light Beige, Mahogany, Natural, Radiant, Riviera, Satin, Suntan, Sweet Honey, Teakwood, Velvet, Warm Brown, Warm Sienna, Warm Silk



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