Treat varicose veins effectively and efficiently.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are chronically dilated blood vessels on the legs, which have developed as a result of vessel wall loosening. These vessels are located superficially in the skin and are also referred to as berry veins or birch branches because of the comparison with the branches of a tree.

The leg vessels may be streaky or star-shaped and red, purple or blue in colour. The leg vessels can appear separate on the legs, but also clustered together. In an extreme form, other symptoms such as a heavy feeling, pain and itching may also occur. People mainly find the superficial leg vessels aesthetically unsightly on the legs.

Frequently asked questions about varicose veins
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Treatments against Varicose veins

Depending on the depth of the vessels, your treatment will start with us or else they must first be treated by a dermatologist in the hospital. For this, we have a partnership with the Reinier de Graaf hospital, where the sclerosis treatment can take place. During the initial consultation, we will determine the best treatment plan, with or without sclerosis treatment.

Sclerosis treatment

In sclerosis treatment, a liquid is injected into small veins, deliberately damaging the vessel wall. As a result, no more blood flows through it and the disfigurement disappears.

Laser therapy

When the vessels are sufficiently on the surface, we can start in our practice. We treat varicose veins with the Gentle Max Pro, ND: YAG laser. Due to its wavelength and specific properties, this laser is able to heat and destroy the leg veins without damaging the surrounding skin.

Treatments against Varicose veins

Frequently Asked Questions

Varicose veins

Varicose veins develop with age, because the vessel walls weaken over the years and therefore blood can flow back into the vein more easily. The return flow of blood causes the vessel to bulge, which in turn leads to a clearly visible vein. Additional influencing factors that lead to the formation of visible varicose veins are: pregnancy, prolonged sitting or standing and the difference in pressure when travelling by air.

When preventing visible varicose veins, it is important to move sufficiently. By tightening the calf muscle pump, the blood is pushed towards the heart and the risk of a blood blockage can be reduced. Therapeutic elastic stockings can be an additional means to support this process.

Therapeutic elastic stockings not only help support the calf muscle pump, but can also counteract complaints such as tired legs. Therapeutic stockings also have a preventive effect on the development of new leg vessels or other vascular complaints.

Treatment of visible varicose veins falls under cosmetic care and is therefore not covered by the additional health insurance.

At Huidzorg West, varicose veins are effectively treated with the Gentle Max pro Nd:YAG 1064 nanometer laser from Candela. This laser can make the blood clot, causing the vessel walls to close. The lymphatic system will then clear out the broken vessels.

On average, 1-3 treatments are required to effectively reduce the visible vascular structures.

6-8 weeks are planned between the treatments, to give the body ample opportunity to clean up the weakened and/or broken vessels. Annual maintenance treatment is also expected to be necessary to maintain the result.

After the treatment, the skin may feel warm and irritated. Slight redness and swelling may occur. The treated vessels may look like cat scratches. Small subcutaneous scabs may be visible and itchy for up to two weeks after treatment. In some cases, the skin may show bruising or temporary colour differences, which will heal after a few weeks.

View our price list for the costs of treating varicose veins.

For effective treatment with the Nd:YAG laser, it is important that the leg vessels have a diameter of 0.1- 4.0 mm. If you suffer from larger varicose veins or other underlying vascular problems, it is important that you contact your doctor or vascular surgeon first. A different treatment method or additional examination may then be necessary.

Prior to a laser treatment with the Nd:YAG, a thorough screening during an initial consultation will determine whether the varicose veins are suitable for laser treatment. During this consultation, the skin therapist will inform you in detail about the treatment options, the appropriate treatment plan and give you an indication of the price.

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