Redness after inflammation.

Post inflammatory redness

Post inflammatory redness literally means redness that has arisen after an inflammation. Often after a period of acne, a widening of blood vessels can occur, resulting in redness. Red and/or purple spots are then visible on the skin.

Frequently asked questions about post inflammatory redness
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Treatments against Post inflammatory redness

Post inflammatory redness can manifest itself differently on the skin. Depending on the severity of the redness and additional symptoms, the redness can be treated effectively using advanced IPL and/or laser techniques. IPL equipment, fractionated laser and camouflage therapy are often used to reduce the redness that is present.

Treatments against Post inflammatory redness

Frequently Asked Questions

Post inflammatory redness

This form of redness often occurs after long-term inflammation of the skin, which can often be linked to acne complaints. Squeezing, scratching and picking at the inflammation or other acne-related complaints can increase the risk of post-inflammatory redness. If dark spots remain on the skin after the inflammation, this is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

With this form of redness, it is important that the skin is not further manipulated, so do not scratch or pick at the skin. Using the right sunscreen products, such as Heliocare Gel-Oil Free, is important to provide extra protection for damaged skin and to prevent sensitive spots from becoming more irritated and turning into brown pigment spots.Fruit acids, or exfoliants, can also be used to improve the skin structure. A fruit acid activates the skin to renew faster, thereby creating new skin cells. With the help of fruit acids, active inflammations can also be reduced. Applying fruit acids can also be safely applied at home using Neostrata Face Cream plus or Toskani Clarifying Booster.It is of great importance to camouflage the present red spots. Irritant and aggressive ingredients in make-up products can exacerbate the redness. Therefore, make sure you have a mineral make-up product that helps to care for the skin and camouflage it effectively.

There are various treatments available for post-inflammatory redness, such as:

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