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Burn aftercare

Aftercare of burns

Burns can leave serious scars on your skin. They tighten up and interfere with movement, for example. Scars are also called scars for a reason, and many people are uncomfortable with them being clearly visible. We will gladly help you with this!

Huidzorg West is a network partner of the Dutch Burns Foundation and affiliated with the Skin Therapy Network.

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What does the treatment involve?

Burn aftercare

There are various therapies for the aftercare of burns.

Depending on the symptoms left by the burn wound, the specialised skin therapist will determine the most suitable therapy.
Complaints may be reduced through the use of special massage techniques endermotherapy or deep oscillation.In addition, the skin therapist can offer help in learning to apply special water- and smudge-proof camouflage products, so that your skin looks even and cared for.

The treatment

Step 11

Preliminary photos are taken so that the process can be properly monitored

Step 22

The appropriate treatment is carried out, which may include: scar therapy, oedematherapy, endermotherapy, laser treatment for scars or camouflage therapy

Step 33

The result of the treatment is regularly evaluated and assessed

Frequently Asked Questions

Burn aftercare

If the scar restricts your movements, some health insurers will reimburse part of the cost of scar therapy and sometimes the entire cost.This also depends on the type of health insurance you have taken out. To be certain, contact your insurer so that you know what to expect.

As every skin and every scar is different, the result differs from person to person. During an initial consultation, we will provide you with a realistic picture of what may be possible in your situation.

At Huidzorg West, there are skin therapists who specialise in aftercare for burn scars. For people with burn scars, the post-hbo programme Skin Therapy after Burns has been developed by the Hogeschool Utrecht together with the Dutch Burns Foundation and specialists from Dutch and Belgian burn care.

Naturally, these different therapies can be used to treat the scars that remain after a burn. Wound care can also be applied to a burn at an earlier stage.

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