Effectively combats stretch marks.

Stretchmarks laser treatment

Stretchmarks are a skin problem that affects many women, but also men. Do you have stretch marks? These are characterized by striped scars in the connective tissue. If your stretch marks are perceived as disturbing cosmetically, we at Huidzorg West offer a safe and effective treatment.

Scientific research has shown that non-ablative fractional laser treatment is the most effective treatment method on the market. And that is exactly what we have to offer you!

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What does the treatment involve?

Stretchmarks laser treatment

Huidzorg West uses the most effective and newest treatment method for stretch marks, namely the Nordlys Ellipse Fraxx 1550nm, an Erbium Glass laser. This unique method of treatment ensures skin renewal by stimulating collagen and elastin in the dermis (deeper skin layers). This special laser technique is different from other fractional laser treatments. For example, the pulse duration is extremely short, making it an intensive treatment with a relatively short recovery period.

Besides stretch marks, other conditions such as (surgical) scars, acne scars and skin improvement can also be treated with this technique.

The treatment

Step 11

The treatment area is cleaned and marked with a skin pencil

Step 22

You will be given protective laser goggles

Step 33

The marked area is treated with the fractional laser. With this we roll in three different directions

Step 44

before, during and after the laser treatment the skin is cooled with a cold pack and a cold air flow through the cooling system in the handle

Step 55

after the treatment the skin is cared for with a nourishing cream

Frequently Asked Questions

Stretchmarks laser treatment

The treatment lasts between 15-45 minutes.

Your skin area to be treated is marked and treated with a rolling movement in three different directions.

The laser’s handle contains a cooling system that instantly cools your skin. This also makes the treatment bearable for you.

Then your skin is cooled per treated area with a special cooling roller and cold packs. You will feel warm tingling or small pricks.

Fractional laser treatment repairs damage to your connective tissue, leaving skin smoother and stronger.

The blood flow and pigmentation in the stretch marks improves, and deeper scars become more superficial, making them less visible.

Depending on your stretch marks, an average of 3 to 6 treatments are required. As the result of the treatment will only be visible 3-6 months after the last treatment, a course of 3 treatments is usually recommended.

Collagen build-up is a process that takes time. After 3 months, an evaluation appointment is arranged with you to discuss whether the desired treatment result has been achieved or whether we should start a new treatment.

The break between treatments is 4 weeks.

After the treatment, your skin may look red and feel a little rough. Usually, this redness disappears within a few hours.

On average, your skin will have a slight tan for 3 to 10 days and may be slightly rough in the form of tiny dots; the pattern of the laser pulses. This is hardly visible to others.

After the treatment, a cream is applied, which can be used indefinitely to promote the recovery of your skin.

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Some stretch marks fixed price 125.00
Medium area fixed price 175.00
15% korting bij kuur van 3 behandelingen
Large area fixed price 250.00
Extra large area fixed price 325.00

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