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Neoretin Discrom Control Serum Booster Fluid is a concentrated fluid based on spot- and anti-ageing technologies that is quickly absorbed. The innovative Retinsphere technology exfoliates and restructures. In addition, the Whitening Booster System, a powerful depigmentation system with six active ingredients, intervenes in all phases of melanin production. Apply this serum every evening to visibly control pigmentation*.
How does the Neoretin Serum work?
It exfoliates and stimulates cell renewal in the epidermis. Wrinkles and leftover acne scarring are softened, the skin is smoother and looks radiant.
It counteracts melanin production. Blemishes are diminished, the complexion looks much more even.
*Effectiveness study over 60 days with 40 subjects. 73% noticed a visible improvement in their complexion (less blotchy); in 19% of cases, the melanin index decreased significantly.


RetinSphere® technology 1% Whitening Booster System 12.8% Moisturising agents 10% Anti-Irritants 3%

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