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Skin Active Retinol Repair Complex


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This night cream contains a powerful combination of active ingredients that lift and firm the skin’s support structures, soothe age spots and smooth out wrinkles and lines from within.
The formula contains 0.5% stabilised pure retinol and patented NeoGlucosamine (NAG) that enhances the firming effect of retinol.
Retinol is incorporated into microcapsules that stabilise and gradually release the active ingredient. Consequently, the formula is also better tolerated.
It has been scientifically proven that NeoGlucosamine strengthens the natural collagen in the dermis and the surrounding support structures. It lifts and firms the skin and softens wrinkles and lines. Furthermore, NeoGlucosamine, with its mild exfoliating effect, softens age spots and irregular pigmentation.
Formula with 0.5% stabilised pure retinol.
NeoGlucosamine enhances the firming effect of retinol.
It also helps to diminish irregular pigmentation and age spots by gently exfoliating the skin.
The effectiveness of the product is maintained thanks to a triple stabilising complex.

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