Redness of the skin, what should I do?

Obstructed blood vessels and redness of the skin, help!

Nothing is as annoying as obstructive blood vessels in the face or on the body. Within our practice, we often see rosacea, telangiectasia or scattered redness in the skin or deeper vascular structures in the face as well as on the body.These different types of vessels each need their own treatment approach, because this has to do with the depth in which they lie in the skin.
We will explain how this works in detail in this blog.

Superficial vessels in the face

Superficial vessels are already common in the face. For instance, telangiectasia or rosacea symptoms. You may see small visible blood vessels, the vessels are red and the vessels can be clearly distinguished from each other.Often these become extra noticeable during exertion, and often this problem occurs more as we get older. These vessels can be treated very well with an IPL system. With the IPL Ellipse Nordlys system, we can adjust the device to the different vessel thicknesses, so that the correct setting can be determined for each vessel. Determining the correct setting is crucial, because the blood in a dilated blood vessel must be heated correctly. By heating the blood, the vessel walls collapse and the blood can no longer flow. If the blood is insufficiently heated, or if the vessel turns out to be larger or deeper than expected, there is then a chance that the vessel walls will not collapse completely against each other and the blood vessel will therefore ‘pop open’ again. If the blood vessel has absorbed enough heat for the vessel walls to stick together, the body will clean up the vessel and the vascular structure will no longer be visible.

roodheid laserbehandeling

Deeper lying vessels 

This brings us to the deeper vessel structures. The deeper a vessel lies in the skin, the more blue, purple or sometimes even greenish the colour of the blood vessel. The deeper a vessel lies in the skin, the more heat a laser or IPL system has to emit to make the vessel walls stick together, so that the vessel can die and the body can eliminate it. Deeper vascular structures can often be seen on the body, such as in the case of troublesome leg vessels. But these vascular structures are not only found on the body. A blood blister on the lip, also called a venous lake, is also an example of a deeper blood vessel. This type of blood vessel structure can be treated well with the Nd:Yag laser from Candela. This laser is very powerful and manages to achieve the right penetration depth, allowing the laser to emit its full heat at the right depth. As a result, the deeper vascular structures can be treated effectively and the complaints will be reduced in a minimum number of treatments.


The ‘blushing’ effect

Last but not least, there is another form of redness in the skin. This redness is called diffuse redness.This is redness where no direct vascular structure is visible, or where the vessels are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. This redness leaves a scattered red glow and often gives a ‘blushing’ effect.

These vascular structures are so small that treating them is very difficult. But fortunately, this is possible with the Nordlys Ellipse.What is unique about the IPL system we work with, is that the time set to heat a blood vessel can be made very short. The smaller a vessel is, the shorter the time it needs to be heated. This adjustment option on the Nordlys Ellipse is quite unique and therefore cannot be used everywhere.

Treating redness on the face or body

We often see a combined picture of different types of troublesome vessels. Both deeper vascular structures and superficial or scattered structures. This will also be discussed with you during a consultation and an appropriate treatment plan will be drawn up on that basis.Due to the diverse range of different laser systems in our practice, all types of redness can be reduced or eliminated completely.

Of course, there can also be redness caused by other factors, such as scars that are red and prominent or acne problems where redness is unpleasant. The various lasers can also be applied to this, so that your skin will be healthy and radiant again.

Do you suffer from redness in the face or on the body? Together, we can create a suitable treatment plan. Please arrange a no-obligation consultation. Huidzorg West is the skin clinic for The Hague, Delft, Rijswijk and the surrounding area.

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