The difference between Laser and IPL?

Different types of laser treatments

Nowadays, there are a wide range of laser or IPL treatments on offer. As a result, our patients often ask us what the difference is. In this blog, we will try to explain this in a clear and understandable language.

How does a laser work?

Laser and IPL are both forms of light. This light seeks a subject in the skin and will transfer its heat to it. These subjects can be, for example, blood vessels, pigment or fluid. If a laser is focused on the red colour of blood vessels, it will heat the blood. By heating the blood, the vessel walls will collapse and the vessel will die and the redness in the skin or the visible vascular structure will diminish. This principle also applies to pigments. As soon as the pigment in a hair or in the skin absorbs the heat from the light, it will be destroyed and will lead to a reduction in the pigmentation or hair growth.

Difference between laser treatment and IPL therapy

Now back to the physics behind the difference between laser and IPL. A laser system has light that enters the skin as a beam, this light goes to the same depth and can therefore only focus on one target. An IPL system, also known as Intense Pulsed Light, emits a scattered light that penetrates the skin at different depths.


We have illustrated this in the following photo:


Effect on the skin

These different forms of light can also be used to effectively treat different diseases. In our practice we work with an IPL system from Nordlys, which can be used to treat diffuse redness in the skin and pigmentation disorders very well. A nice additional benefit of the increased light diffusion in the skin is that the collagen and elastin will also be activated. This will give the skin an overall boost and will immediately address your symptoms.

The Gentle Max Pro features an alexandrite and ND Yag laser. This device is ideal for laser hair removal. This allows us to reduce excessive hair growth very effectively and in a targeted manner. The ability to set the correct wavelength for each skin type ensures that the laser remains effective and safe for both light and dark skins.

The Gentle max pro laser has different head sizes and can therefore be used for any body or facial area. Due to these different head sizes, the laser will not miss a hair. Because the laser emits a powerful targeted beam, the hair will receive the right amount of heat, which will destroy the hair.


Finally, we also have a Erbium Glass non ablative fractionated laser. This laser targets the water in our cells. As a result, this laser will make miniscule holes in the skin, which will enable the skin to renew itself. Using this controlled damage in the skin is desirable in improving acne scars, fine lines, >stretch marks and even superficial pigmentation. The great advantage of this laser is that it really only does the damage in the skin and does not reach the outer layer, therefore it can be used safely and effectively.

What can you use a laser for?

As you can see, you can use a laser or IPL for multiple purposes. We will sum up the most relevant treatments for you:

Top performance of laser and IPL

Using a laser sounds easier than it actually is. Our skin therapists are trained to handle the laser safely and effectively. As a result, you will achieve a more effective treatment result with low risk.

In the coming month, we will take you through the different laser treatment options. Our next blog will be about laser hair removal. Are you keeping an eye on our blog?More information about laser treatments in our clinics in Delft or Rijswijk? Then please contact us without obligation.

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