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Acne excoriée des jeunes filles (Acne excoriata in young girls)

Acne excoriata in young girls

Excoriée des jeunes filles is the difficult French name for an acne form that we also call ‘crab acne’. Usually, acne excoriata occurs in young girls and women, but it also occurs in young boys and men.

In this form of acne, it is not the blackheads or pimples that are in the limelight, but rather the scratch-like lesions that are created by removing all the small skin irregularities that are visible on the skin.

As the skin is damaged by frequent manipulation or scratching, scars are formed. These scars often manifest themselves as acne scars, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, post inflammatory erythema or hypopigmentation. In some cases, it can also cause open wounds.

Frequently asked questions about acne excoriée des jeunes filles (acne excoriata in young girls)
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Treatments against Acne excoriée des jeunes filles (Acne excoriata in young girls)

The treatment of acne excoriata consists of the expert removal of the blackheads and pimples. In addition to the acne treatments, the skin therapist will provide as much guidance as possible to break the process of scratching the skin.

By removing impurities professionally on a regular basis, fewer impurities will be visible, which automatically leads to less scratching of the skin.

With the right skin care and treatments, the skin therapist can offer a solution for this, with the aim of getting the sebum production under control and thinning the top layer of skin, thus reducing blackheads and pimples. Acne treatment is often combined with a chemical peel. Home products with exfoliating properties are also recommended to speed up the treatment process. For the treatment of skin discolouration and scarring, IPL treatment or fractional laser treatment is often used.

Treatments against Acne excoriée des jeunes filles (Acne excoriata in young girls)

Frequently Asked Questions

Acne excoriée des jeunes filles (Acne excoriata in young girls)

Everybody scratches or picks their skin sometimes. In some cases, however, picking can become compulsive, resulting in a continual need to check whether there is a blackhead or pimple that needs to be removed.

Scratching creates scabs, flakes and other imperfections that increase the urge to scratch and pick.

Often it is a vicious circle where it can be difficult to stop scratching. If this cycle is not broken, there is a good chance that in the long run disfiguring scars and spots will occur.

Acne excoriata usually starts with an underlying skin problem, such as a mild form of acne.

The scratching or picking behaviour often worsens under stress and tension. Acne excoriata usually decreases as soon as no new blackheads and pimples are added. The urge to pick at the skin then becomes less great.

Proper skin care is essential for acne excoriata. Often, aggressive skin care products are used, which further unbalances the skin. The use of drying products sends a signal to your body to start producing sebum. As a result, the acne gets worse.

At Huidzorg West we advise skin care products that balance the skin first. We go back to basics and guide you through this process.

Once the skin is in balance, the skin therapist looks at whether additional skin care is needed to reduce acne and prevent acne scarring. At Huidzorg West we are happy to give you appropriate skin advice.If you want to start with skin care products, take the skin quiz.

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