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Acne Vulgaris

Juvenile pimples

Acne vulgaris, also known as juvenile pimples, is one of the most common forms of acne. Acne vulgaris often starts in the teenage years, hence the term juvenile pimples. Pimples can appear in several places on the body, such as the face, but they are also common on the back and chest.

In this form of acne, your pores are clogged with sebum, bacteria and oily acids. Sebum build-ups that cause inflammation in the surrounding skin due to excessive sebum production.

Frequently asked questions about acne vulgaris
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Treatments against Acne Vulgaris

The treatment of acne vulgaris consists of professional removal of the blackheads and inflammations. Getting the sebum production under control and thinning the upper skin layer. Acne treatment is often combined with a chemical peel. Home products with exfoliating properties are also recommended to speed up the treatment process.If juvenile pimples are treated in time, the risk of acne scars is small. If acne vulgaris is left untreated and more and more inflammations develop, the risk of scarring is increased. At Huidzorg West we offer various options for treating acne scars effectively. For example, superficial acne scars are often treated with a chemical peel, while deeper scars can be treated with a fractional laser treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acne Vulgaris

The development of acne has several causes. Hormonal changes in puberty cause the skin to change and the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Sebum, skin flakes and bacteria can eventually cause a blockage and inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

Often acne vulgaris can be mild in nature. If the acne is characterised mainly by blackheads, it may be a case of acne comedonica. If there are frequent and large inflammations present, an acne vulgaris can pass into an acne conglobata.

There are several causes that can cause acne vulgaris. The most common cause is an increase in sebum production.
Increased sebum production is usually caused by an increase in the hormone testosterone.

It is usually seen during puberty, but can also occur during periods of hormonal imbalance.

Another cause is the accumulation of dead skin cells, which blocks the exit of a sebaceous gland. As a result, the sebum in the sebaceous gland accumulates and then becomes larger and larger.

The correct home treatment is of great importance. Often, aggressive skin care products are used, which further unbalances the skin. Blackheads can be very persistent, but are often easy to remove.

After removing the blackheads and inflammations, Huidzorg West can provide skin advice to prevent new blackheads and inflammations from forming. Think of products with salicylic acid or mandelic acid.

At Huidzorg West we are happy to give you appropriate skin advice. If you want to start with skin care products, take the skin quiz.

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